For my husband’s birthday on Wednesday, we drove to Prospect, Maine and wandered through Fort Knox, an amazing historical military fortification on the Penobscot River.


Being a huge military history buff, this was the perfect surprise for the hubs!


It’s also said to be haunted! With Halloween just around the corner, the Fort was gearing up for their big Fright Night at the Fort. While we didn’t see anything otherworldly, we did get a feel for how spooktacular Halloween there might be, as we were socked in with fog and in some parts of the Fort, you needed a flashlight.


The very tiny room the ran alongside and behind the ovens in the kitchen gave me goosebumps, along with the food storage area that was built outside, under the interior parade ground. You had to crouch and needed a flashlight to look in…and there was another creepy, low ceiling, pitch black room to the left that I didn’t go into. I’m a big chicken, so yeah, no scary dark underground rooms for me!


There were lighted tunnels to the batteries that we couldn’t go through, since we had the stroller (gotta remember the baby carrier next time), but going down a short way to snap a picture was cool.


We enjoyed every minute of our visit and will definitely be going back!


Fort Knox…without the gold
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