list-372766_1280I’ve been keeping a running list of things I want to do when I become a SAHM, some things I have wanted to do for so long and have just kept pushing them to the side, and some new things that I just can’t wait to do. 


  • Make soap
  • Make bread
  • Steam clean floors
  • Replace kitchen light and put up lattice
  • Clean up all the corners
  • Deep clean the bathroom
  • Paint bathroom vanity
  • Fix bathroom curtains (sewing)
  • Retile bathroom floor?
  • Clean basement and purge!!
  • Deep clean the coop
  • Weed whack
  • Make DVD shelf
  • Make coffee table
  • Make chicken wire baskets for potatoes and onions to hang on shelving in kitchen
  • Redo counters in kitchen
  • Sew clothing again (me and B)
  • Quilt again
  • Knit more
  • Make felt toys for B
  • Make wooden animals and update FTC Etsy shop
  • Blog more
  • Plant garlic
  • Make baby food
  • Get apples
  • Clean out kitchen cabinets
  • Fix couch cushions (sewing)
  • Make Christmas gifts
  • Organize filing
  • Practice with the Kreg Jig, router and Dremel to improve my skill
  • Go for daily walks
  • Create a daily rhythm for B
  • Spend more time with B!!!!!

I only just shared this list with my husband, because he has a tendency to take things off my list and do them, just so I don’t have to…which is wonderful and I love him for it, but sometimes there are things you just want to do yourself…which is why I have kept the list from him.

But as I looked at my list, I realized that most of what is on here, he can’t do (or knows better than to attempt for fear of my wrath!). I already know he’ll clean out the chicken coop, but it needs deep cleaning. I know he’ll want to clean out the basement, but I want to be present for purging. I know he won’t weed whack, because he hates it with a passion and for me, it appeals to my OCD.

There are a lot of things on this list that we can do together, but enough for me to do on my own to make me feel like I’ve accomplished something!

Now I know that some moms will look at this list and say, “Good luck! You’re never going to do it, because that kid will usurp all of your time!” I’ve already heard this from some, and I get it. I know that not all of these things will happen, but that’s why it’s a running list; something I can pull out when I have that rare moment of free time and pick something that can happen when the kiddo goes down for a nap, or if there’s an hour at the end of the day that I get to myself.  And really, if I only accomplish spending more time with him, that’s all that matters. That is the most important thing on my list, the reason for quitting my job. Getting to hang out with my little man every day…I’m bursting with happiness at the thought!

To say that I’m looking forward to being a SAHM is an understatement.

The Running List
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