My husband and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary on Tuesday. Last year, we rented a tiny cabin on the coast and played tourist with my stepdaughter. This year, we decided to take a long weekend and drive to Boston with the kiddos. Celebrating our anniversary with our children is becoming a tradition that my husband and I both enjoy. We love to see the joy on their faces when we introduce them to something new and fun!

B Aquarium

It was the first time the baby had ever seen fish in an aquarium.  He was THRILLED! He wiggled and squeaked the whole time we were at the Aquarium.

We stopped at Rings Fountain on the Greenway, because it’s a must!


Shorty, who has turned from obsessing about dragons to obsessing about wolves, got to see a grey wolf live, in person and up close for the first time at the Stone Zoo in Stoneham, MA. She was beyond excited, declaring Sunday the best day ever!

Shorty Wolf

We also stopped in Cambridge for lunch and a visit the Harvard Museum of Natural History.  The last time I visited there, I was probably Shorty’s age…and it is still just as cool as ever!

Trot Trot to Boston
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