I’ve been trying to get my website revamped, get back into blogging and get back to making things. And you know, I wasn’t doing too badly keeping up on my old blog, but you see a certain little baby boy decided that, at 26 weeks, it was time for my water to break, and at 28 weeks, he decided that he was done baking.

So at the beginning of January, after 2 weeks of bed rest in the hospital, hooked up to a fetal monitor 24/7, I was rushed in for an emergency c-section.B day oneAnd out came this teeny, tiny, little boy who weighed half of what my Yorkshire Terrier weighed!
Me and BAnd so began our 3 month journey in the NICU and Continuing Care Unit. Every day was a test of our patience and of our emotional stability, as we were bombarded with all this information about our little man and the issues he was facing.B - Height and WeightBut we persevered and my little peanut has grown by leaps and bounds! He’s up to almost 14 lbs, he’s trying to sit up, eating solids (well mushy baby food solids) and chattering up a storm. Developmentally, he’s only 3 months old, but he is bound and determined to catch up!
B and ShortyAnd his big sister LOVES him to pieces!

It’s a brave new world in our little house. ¬†Every day is a new adventure. I hope you follow along with us.

A Whole New Look
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