Faery Tree Creations is a small, home-based business specializing in handmade wooden toys to spark children’s imaginations.

In a world overstimulated by noise and technology, adult situations and world issues not suitable for our youth, children are forced to grow up too fast and leave the magic of childhood behind too soon.

Imagination is a vital component of childhood. Children are naturally creative. They can turn a paper towel tube into a spaceship, a sock into a puppet, and sticks and stones into fairy houses.

Encouraging the use of a child’s imagination promotes critical thinking skills and creative problem-solving abilities, which accomplishes a parent’s ultimate goal….to prepare our little ones for the future.At Faery Tree Creations, we strive to bring simplicity back to our children in the form of handcrafted wooden toys. We pride ourselves on the use of quality wood, non-toxic paints and all natural sealants.

We hope our simple wooden toys will grace your nature table and become one of your child’s favorite toys for creative play.

Please check our Etsy shop often, as we continue to add new product and don’t forget to visit the blog for what’s new, what’s happening, giveaways, and everything in between!